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How many callers can be tied in at once?   This is dependent on your location and the subscription options. In the US, Tier 1 Local Number customers can have up to 20 per congregation tied in. In Tier 2 areas, up to 10 listeners are included in the monthly cost. Additional listeners can be added for an additional charge. In the UK and Ireland, up to 8 listeners are included in the basic service, and for an additional charge that can be increased to 18 listeners.
How do we pay for the service?   Invoices are e-mailed once service is setup. E-mail invoices are used to keep the cost of the service as low as possible. In the US, these invoices are sent monthly to new subscribers, and in the rest of the world the subscription is an annual subscription. Congregations may pay electronically or via check. More information is provided once the subscription is setup.
How can I find out if you have local numbers in my area?   Choose your country in the "Order Service" box on the left. All US numbers are loaded into our system. In the UK and Ireland, please E-mail us at Include the address and phone number of your primary meeting place in your e-mails.
Some members of our congregation have to make a long distance call to reach the meeting location, does that make a difference?   Yes, it does. There are several ways to handle this. In many instances we are able to provision two local numbers and tie both together, so that everyone can call a number that is local to them. Please email us at with as much information as you can and we'll look at the situation and make a recommendation.
The website says you have no local numbers in my area of the US. When will that change?   Generic Conferencing has no direct control over the coverage areas, we just work with suppliers who provide those services. We are constantly working to find additional suppliers to expand the local number coverage area. However, in the US, there are areas that are very expensive to serve. In these areas, the lowest cost option is a toll free number, charged at a 2 cents per minute per caller rate.
Can we just get an unlimited long distance package and use the local number service even though there is no local number in our area?   Generally speaking, this is a bad idea. For more information about why, please click here.
How long does it take to setup new services?   This depends on your location. It can be as few as two weeks, and as many as eight weeks.
What equipment do we need to buy?   Most congregations already have the equipment that is needed. You simply need a device that connects your sound system to a phone line. If you are not familiar with these devices, email us for a contact at a company that sells them.

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Frequently asked questions: How many callers can we have on at once?

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